Saturday, August 27, 2011

Come see the Mind of Dedo at 2 Saturday in Grass Valley.

 A Night of Art, Music and Wine.  September 10th at Wine Co, 128 Mill st, Grass Valley, Ca  


Friday, July 1, 2011

Lady's that Rule the Sky

  The Lady's that rule the sky was a small painting that I did in a figure drawing class.  The idea was to turn the models into a beautiful landscape.  While i was creating this image, we had a homeless man walk in looking for cash.  So I decided to add his figure into the landscape at the top right corner.  Just another day in my figure drawing class.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tree's of Life

   Some times i like to step back and work on a landscape once and a while.  Since i grew up in the Country.  I really like to make my landscapes a little spooky but beautiful.  Iv always loved trees! They hold so much life to them, and remind me of portraits of people you see walking down the streets.  Well hope you like!

McCardles gets you down!

   So this was just a small sketch that i did that lucky me sold right away!  I did it off my McCardles disease.  Witch attacks your muscles when you over exercise.  It's really a neat but not fun thing to have and can really turn you into the biggest whip.  So how it works is a normal persons muscle enzymes are around 100 to 300 high.  People with McCardles enzymes are 1000 to 5000.  If your around 3000 to 5000 your hole body starts to shut down and begin eating one self.  It's truly fascinating!  So how that works is your muscles break down into your blood stream then into the stomach.  Eating one self then making the body shut down.  Iv found the best way to work and fix this problem is slow exercise over time. So light swimming and small weights to start off with.  When I was a kid with McCardles i would always over do it and end up stuck in a ball unable to move.  My friends would always laugh witch i don't blame them it was funny.

Draining Fluid

   This must be one of my favorite paintings that iv worked on, and one that is going to stay with me.
In 2004 my shunt was infected and this was the first time that I got to be able to see my shunt outside my body.  I was so excited plus scared at the same time because everyone was telling me that it was going to be the last time that i see anyone.  But it wasn't the first time i heard that so it really didn't sink in witch I'm glad it didn't.  The great thing about the whole event other than it must of been one of the most painful experiences of my life was when they finally got the shunt out of my chest and started to drain the fluid. Out came this nasty orange color, witch being me was my favorite color.  I was so excited it was orange that it was like OMG! That's why I'm so obsessed with orange.  It was just one of those classic moments  in my life.  Know that it's all behind me I just look back at all the crazy stuff i went threw having this surgery and with my Doctors thinking I was crazy because I was telling them that I had worms in side me. It's true I truly thought I had worms thanks to Nation Geographic talking about tap warms, turns out that I was close though, after so many x rays and them finding nothing and thinking i needed medicine for going crazy.  It was just my McCardles acting out against the infection in my shunt.  I love it my body fighting the bug inside me.


  Hope you like!  Most of my new work is a mix of Acrylic paint and Photoshop Collage.  I scan the work for reference. Then from there I match the element to my work to make sure the color and style match.  Weather it's pills I scan in or in this case small marbles.  I try in my work to bring in the old style of painting and up date it with fresh idea's.  Technology helps out there!  I also use layering colors that I pick up from a plastic sheet by scratching into the backs of the paper. After I have the image sharp I print out the missing elements and collage them into the final piece.